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Best Newborn Photographer, December 2013, Photography Magazine

Contender in the "Vote 4thebest" contest by WDIV Channel 4, Detroit

Contender in the Metro Detroit A-List, 2013, 2012 by CityVoter

Round 3 winner in the Miller's 2010 Baby & Child Contest

Honorable Mention, 2010, Signs of Love Contest by TerraBella Media

Winner, "Back to School" Challenge, Clickin' Moms

Winner, July Scavenger Hunt, 2010, Clickin' Moms


Crystal, Mom to Colten: "My friendship with Christina goes way back to high school, and we reconnected through facebook. I was excited to learn that she was doing photography, and since all my "photography" friends seem to be disappearing on me, I asked her about doing photos for me and my son.  Of course I hate having my picture taken, but Colten is a little ham. He loves to get his picture taken! She set it up and the weather was perfect. The park where she had chosen was beautiful, and perfect for outdoor photos. She spent a lot of time with Colten and was very patient with both of us.. and she did a wonderful job. I was more than impressed with how the pictures turned out, and if I ever get married.. I know who to ask to be the photographer."

Julie, Mom to Logan, Tanner, Preston and Mallory: "We loved our session with you! You did such a great job...we really enjoyed our session. You took soooo much time with our family. We can not thank you enough!"

Beckie, Mom to Elinor and Joe: "They are wonderful - truly wonderful!!"

Chrissy, Mom to Noah: "Christina, I love them!!! Thank you so much for doing such a great job!!!

Corinne, Mom to Jonah: "Thank you ever so much for doing the newborn session with Jonah - I will always treasure these pictures & the memories they will evoke."

Ms. Jenn Nicholson, Aunt to Kennedy & Miyah: "Oh I'm so in love! You have to photograph all of our babies from now on!"

Rhonda Setser:  "Oh My Goodness!!! I'm almost in TEARS!! That is AWESOME!!!  THANK YOU!!! This is everything I dreamed of!"
Emily & Kevin Davis: You do AMAZING work.  Thank You!

Penny, Grandmother to Rhonda's children: Thank you so much Christina!  You did a truly amazing job of capturing all 5 people smiling so nicely in these pictures.  Rhonda said she cried when she saw the wonderful job you did and it made me shed a tear, too.  These photos are a milestone for the family to enjoy both now and in the future.  I just love pictures of "All My Children", lol.  Kudos on a job Well Done!

Erin & Nate Geinzer, parents to Caitlin: Caitlin's pictures are absolutely fabulous!! They are more beautiful than I ever hoped for- thank you so much!  We are soooo glad we met you and are amazed at the quality of your work- you are very talented!

Jill, mother to Sara: On May 25, 2010, our family welcomed our 3rd precious child into this world. Sara Jane was a miracle and a blessing from God. She wasn't expected to survive past 20 weeks gestation, not only did she make it to 36 weeks she was the 1% that survived birth. Sara had Trisomy 13. On the morning that my water broke the last thing on my mind was my camera....we were rushed, to say the least. Sara was born 44 minutes after my water broke (with no prior labor pains whatsoever)....and we live 30 minutes from the hospital. To say it was a close call, would be an understatement! :) Fast forward 6 hours later....God gifted us 6 1/2 hours with our baby girl before she fell asleep in her daddy's arms that day. Several hours later a nurse suggested NILMDTS. My husband wasn't on board, but I was. Those 6 living hours had been captured camera phones and a cheap disposable. I wanted more. I begged him to agree and promised I would be respectful of him when the arrived weeks later. He agreed. Christina arrived about an hour later. She dropped everything for our girl. She told us her story. She was kind. She was gentle. She appreciated the beautiful daughter God created for us. She captured every precious ounce of Sara. Sara has two older brothers and both of them have the exact same cowlick. Sara shared that exact cowlick. She captured that. She had gorgeous red hair and a chubby peach cheeks. She captured that. The little details that might start to fade from our memory after time passes were all captured on Christina's camera. We were blessed that day....in SO MANY WAYS!!...and Christina coming to share our day with our family was one of those many blessings.When the photos arrived later that summer I opened them with gusto. They were beautiful. Everything I wanted and then some. Small details that I never noticed were now forever with me to enjoy and remember. I couldn't leave one photo alone however. I LOVED it. I STARED at it for days. I photoshopped it :) I zeroed in on her beautiful head in my husbands hands, daddy's girl. I shaded the border and added a little saying that was also on her stone. And as soon as my husband is comfortable....I will have it printed and placed on our family wall. For now, it's my facebook picture. I wouldn't have had that without Christina. THANK YOU for every blessing you gave us that day. No family should endure the loss of a child, but many do. I wouldn't hesitate to tell them our story with NILMDTS and Two Angels Photography.Until we can hold our precious Sara again, we pray Thy Kingdom Come! Revelation 21:1-5"

Rachel, mom to Hazel: "I just wanted to send a quick "thank you" your way.  You are truly amazing at what you do!  God has blessed you with a beautiful talent, and you have such a perfect personality for a photographer: joyous and patient!  Thank you for inviting us into your home and for taking so much time out of your Saturday for our session."

Kristina, mom to Evie: "The pictures all looked amazing, we are so pleased!!"

Erika McNamara: “Christina captures the true essence of children in her photography. She is a true credit to the photgraphy industry.”

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